Sample Prostheses: Alejandro Padilla

Anaplastology is a specialized healthcare field that provides patient-specific, restorative prostheses for patients who have suffered trauma to or loss of anatomy due to injury, disease, or congenital origin. Customized prosthetic rehabilitation may be an alternative treatment option to surgical reconstruction. Anaplastology services are intended to restore affected anatomical features of the body including but not limited to the face, hands, feet, or breast.


The IAA promotes quality patient care by supporting the development of best practices in anaplastology through educational conferences, networking, publication, and advocacy opportunities.



Two Days of Inspiring Discussion
June 4 & 5, 2021

Join us on Friday, June 4th and Saturday, June 5th for IAA's First Virtual Conference!

  • This 2-day event will include presentations, demonstrations, roundtable sessions, and much more!

  • Scheduled events will occur live between 9:00 am – 5:30 pm Eastern Daylight Time.

  • All registered participants will have access to a recording of conference events for a period of two weeks following the conferences.


virtual conference user guide

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The IAA Virtual Conference will be held on the zoom platform.

strongly recommend that you download the latest version of the Zoom app for your computer (PC, Mac, Linux) or mobile device (Android, iOS). Download/update the latest version of Zoom.


Take a moment to review the Virtual Conference user guide

Within the User Guide, the following topics are covered:

  • Important Conference Terminology

  • Main Session vs. Breakout Rooms

  • Accessing Breakout Rooms for Roundtable Sessions
    (Note: You no longer need to RSVP in advance for Roundtable Sessions.)

  • How to Join the Live Session

  • Renaming Your Zoom Account
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  • Raising Your Virtual Hand and Asking a Question

  • Sharing Your Webcam

  • Accessing the Recorded Playbacks

  • Reporting CEUs and more!


the dance

We admit this year’s theme is somewhat abstract. What do we mean by the dance? This theme aims to broadly recognize how anaplastology providers, our patients, and this organization have found themselves needing to gracefully navigate around various challenges, confront resistance and demonstrate resilience. Dance involves identifying a beat, establishing rhythm, adapting to changes, ups and downs, quick and slow, leadership, partnership, and trust. Dance can be methodical and leaves room for interpretation and exploration. There are myriad metaphors we can apply to draw relationships between dance and our work as clinical anaplastologists, the evolution and future of our profession, and even our patients’ experiences throughout the processes of rehabilitation.

This conference schedule will include presenters who creatively embrace this theme in sharing about their research and experiences. Topics we aim to address include, but are not limited to: 

  • Patient outcomes/satisfaction

  • Materials and techniques

  • Implant technology

  • 3d applications to treatment planning and fabrication

  • Alternative treatment options

  • Scope of practice evolution/expansion

  • Remote/satellite treatment

  • Business development and best practices

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


We look forward to sharing a robust program highlighting the innovative and collaborative approaches various professionals take to achieve this goal.

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MAY 1 - JUNE 3


$175 USD


$275 USD


$225 USD


$355 USD


Gili Yaron, PhD •
The Netherlands

Keynote Presentation – Doing facial difference: The lived experiences of individuals who have lost part(s) of the face

Francesca Gelai & Nelly James  • Kenya

KEYNOTE Presentation – The 'Eyes For All' Experience: Endeavoring to Provide Facial Prosthetic Services in Kenya

Tjitske Bannink, PhD(c) •
The Netherlands

Oral Presentation – Semiautomatic Digital Design of Auricular Prostheses in Patients with a Unilateral Defect

Amanda Behr, MA, CCA • United States

Oral Presentation – Paper Prosthesis: Case Study for Challenging Orbital Reconstructions

Gina Cohen, MFA, CCA • United States

Oral Presentation – New Material and Method to Create a Fracture Resistant "Moon" for Auricular Molds

Adelien Denys, CPO • Belgium

Oral Presentation – Burn Treatment Techniques Using Silicone

Tim Currence & Devin Metcalfe • USA

Oral Presentation, Co-Presenter –Assessing FormLabs biocompatible 3D printing resins for use in reengineering ocular prosthesis fabrication and clinical workflow

Andrew Etheridge, MFA, CFo, CFm, C.Ped, CCA • USA

Oral Presentation, Co-Presenter –Assessing FormLabs biocompatible 3D printing resins for use in reengineering ocular prosthesis fabrication and clinical workflow

Daril Atkins, CCA • India

Roundtable – Preserving Professional Credibility: Education, Specialization, Evolution, Reflection

Sophie Fleming, MSc • Australia

Oral Presentation – Exploring Solutions for Remote Healthcare Delivery with Facial Prosthetics

Rodrigo Salazar Gamarra, DDS, MSc, PhD • Brasil

Oral Presentation – Smartphone & Open-Source Software for Facial Prosthesis Fabrication

Sudarat Kiat-amnuay, DDS, MS, FACP, FAAMP, CCA • USA

Oral Presentation – Survey of Currently Used Materials for Fabrication of External Maxillofacial Prostheses in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia

Lindsay McHutchion, MS • Canada

Oral Presentation – Digital Scans Simulate Tissue Movement for Auricular Prosthesis Design

Anne-Marie Riedinger, MA, CCA, • France

Oral Presentations – Optical Illusions and Anaplastology

Akhila Regunathan, BFA, MS • Canada

Perspectives Presentation – The Blessed Little One: Thoughts from the Perspective of a Clinician with a Cleft Lip and Palate Child

David Reisberg, DDS • United States

Oral Presentation – Tracheoesophageal Obturator: An Analog Maxillofacial Prosthodontist's Quest in a Digital World

Ksenia Veselova, Maxillofacial Prosthetist • Russia

Oral Presentation, Presenter –
Our Facial Prosthetics Experience: Creative Way to Make Impressions More Precise

Natalya Gromova, Anaplastologist • Russia

Oral Presentation, Co-Author –
Our Facial Prosthetics Experience: Creative Way to Make Impressions More Precise

roundtable sessions

Roundtable Sessions provide an opportunity for discourse and exchange within a smaller group setting. There are a total of 4 Rountable Sessions (two on Friday and two on Saturday). During these sessions, "Breakout Rooms" will be designated for two concurrent Discussion Topics.

At the start of the Roundtable Session, attendees will have the option to select which breakout room they would like to enter. Capacity for each breakout room will be limited to 50 attendees, first come-first served. Once a breakout room reaches capacity, attendees will have the option to enter the other breakout room. (RSVP is no longer required for roundtable sessions.)


Friday, June 4th
1:30 pm EDT

  • 1a – Bonding Silicone to Substructures & Magnet Surfaces

  • 1b – Custom Nipple & Breast Prostheses


2:15 pm EDT


  • 2aHCR Applications – Direct sculpting, Sockets, Repairs

  • 2b – Billing Miscellaneous Codes & Repair Codes (USA)

Saturday, June 5th
9:30 am EDT

  • 3a – Challenging Implant Position: Workarounds, Communication with Surgeon and Implant Reps

  • 3b – Preserving Professional Credibility: Education, Specialization, Evolution, Reflection

10:15 am EDT


  • 4a – 3D Workflows in Treatment Planning & Fabrication

  • 4b – Standards of Care: Ensuring Positive a Patient Experience for Transgender Individuals

small talk

During the time periods scheduled for Roundtable Sessions, a third breakout room will be available for attendees to casually gather and connect with colleagues. Please note, CEU credit will not be earned for time spent in the Small Talk breakout room. Additionally, the Small Talk breakout room will not regulate "hand raising", so it is important that attendees respectfully try to avoid speaking over others. 





Call for Abstracts

Oral Presentation – Abstract Submission Deadline:  February 10, 2021
Poster Presentations – Abstract Submission Deadline:  April 16, 2021

The IAA recognizes and embraces the diverse group of professionals who play a role in providing quality patient care. Our patient populations and healthcare systems vary dramatically, yet our goal is the same ­– to ensure patients have the opportunity for improved quality of life by providing access to the exceptional facial and somatic prosthetic services.

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU about the innovative and collaborative approaches you have explored to achieve this goal. We encourage you to submit an abstract for an oral or poster presentation topic!

Learn more about Oral & Poster Presentation Guidelines & Abstract Submission Deadlines.

CEU Reporting

The International Anaplastology Association is happy to provide a certificate of completion indicating hours earned for each attendee.  Please note that you will only be issued a certificate if your registration fee has been paid in full and a complete CEU form has been submitted. 


How do I register?

Registration opens February 15, 2021. Learn more about Registration >

Once I am registered, how do I join a conference session?

Upon paying the fee to confirm your conference registration, you will receive an email with details about how to access live conference sessions.

The IAA Virtual Conference will be held on the Zoom platform.

We strongly recommend that you download the latest version of the Zoom app for your computer (PC, Mac, Linux) or mobile device (Android, iOS).
 Download/update the latest version of Zoom.


Take a moment to review the Virtual Conference user guide

Do I need to be an IAA member to register?

No, you do not need to be an IAA Member to register; however, registration fees for IAA events are different for IAA members versus non-members. Learn more about IAA Membership, visit anaplastology.org

How do I submit my CEU form?

Instructions for submitting you CEU form will be included in your conference registration confirmation email.

When is the Abstract Submission Deadline?

February 10, 2021 – Oral Presentations
April 16, 2021 – Poster Presentations
HERE for more details.

How many CEUs can I get by attending this conference?

I BCCA CEU credit is equivalent to 1 hour of instruction. 

Will the conference be recorded?

Yes. All Keynote and Oral Presentations, including Q&A, will be recorded by the conference platform. The recorded video will be accessible only to registered attendees for a period of 2 weeks following the live conference sessions (until June 22, 2021). 

Videos can only be accessed by individuals who registered for the conference. Registrants will be required to enter a password, as well as their full name and email address in order to open the video recording. These access requirements enable the IAA to ensure only registered attendees are viewing the recorded content. 

All conference registrants must agree to the terms of the Virtual Conference Participation Agreement, which prohibits the reproduction or dissemination of any content presented without prior written consent of the presenter and a representative of the IAA Board of Directors.

How can my company become a sponsor?

Our sponsors greatly enhance our ability to provide quality educational opportunities. Please click HERE to learn more about how to sponsor the IAA. Companies must apply individually; companies may not partner to share sponsor benefits.

WST Student Scholarship


The Walter Spohn Trust (WST) provides financial support to individuals and research groups initiating educational and research projects to advance the field of Anaplastology.

The WST Anaplastology Student Scholarship Program is intended to help anaplastology students gain access to valuable experience and education by offsetting the cost of registration to the annual International Anaplastology Association meeting.


titanium sponsor


The International Anaplastology Association’s Board of Directors is pleased to invite you to participate in the 2021 Sponsorship Program. Each sponsorship opportunity provides an avenue for your company to be recognized as a valuable leader in the provision of products and services to anaplastologists and their entire rehabilitation team of health care professionals as well as their patients. 


As a sponsor, your company can be promoted in a variety of ways. Our sponsorship packages are organized according to various IAA events or programs throughout the ENTIRE YEAR. Sponsors may connect with participants through webinars, online training courses, the 2021 IAA Virtual Annual Conference and/or our social media communities. Our sponsorship program is designed to provide you with the following opportunities:


  • To reach an audience of international colleagues in anaplastology and head and neck rehabilitation fields from more than 30 countries, including roughly 20 different disciplines;

  • To introduce your products and/or services to your target market;

  • Network with your collaborators and peers;

  • Engage in real-time feedback on your products and/or services;

  • Enhance your market reach;

  • And, promote your brand through multiple communication channels.

participation agreement

In registering and attending this virtual conference and receiving visual and written materials, including access to video recordings, you agree not to reproduce, sell, copy or disseminate said materials, documents or recordings without prior written permission from the speaker and a representative of the IAA. Violating this agreement may result in permanent suspension from IAA membership or event participation, and if necessary, legal prosecution.